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About Bima

Nature is a life inspiration

Bima Trading is one of few companies in Indonesia using Indonesian Legal Wood. Our factory, workers, safety procedures and pollution control measures have been examined and are certified as meeting the highest standards.
The origin of each piece of wood can be traced accurately.
The number on the logo is our designation. This label will be seen on every piece of furniture we sell, making it easy to authenticate.

Mr. Barry, CEO

About Bima Trading

Bima’s furniture is manufactured by artisans from the ‘cottage’ industry of Indonesia. The art, talent and know-how of manufacture is handed down from generation-to-generation, keeping families working together to produce output for which they are justifiably proud. In the manufacturing process, only the finest materials are used; our mahogany and teak are harvested from managed forestry.

Each piece is carefully chosen as a stand-alone or to accent or compliment other products in the collection. Whilst every effort is taken to assure quality craftsmanship and material, the very nature of the product lends itself to a rustic, antique style. Imperfections are not unusual and to the contrary, are expected and accepted. They enhance the character and charm of the products and succeed in achieving the look we try hard to achieve. Admittedly, some chipping and splitting may occur. However, in most cases, these are not structural and are mostly within range of tolerance. Because each piece is finished by hand, no two will be alike. While we do our best to duplicate items, the color, finish and size may vary from photographs, samples, and measurements shown.

The timber we use in manufacture is kiln dried to 8% after which a sanding sealer is applied. It helps maintain the dryness of the wood. We use finger joints, dovetail and make floating tops with buttons so that the wood has room for movement in different climatic conditions.

Our company produces high quality and finishing, relative to our price points. Nothing is machine made, it is all hand crafted by village artisans. Our commitment to being environmentally conscious ensures we use only certified Indonesian Mahogany and Mahogany veneers harvested from managed forestry.

Custom Finishes and colors

Every piece of BIMA TRADING furniture is available in any color or finish and combination, and this technique makes every piece of it is unique.